Youth Championship in lead climbing 2014

We invite all young racers to open Youth Championship for the year 2014, which will 4.10. 2014 the climbing wall Big Wall in Prague Vysocany. The race is part of a series of races Tendon CP, so the game will not only championship titles, as well as points in the overall standings CP.

The paths will be built by a well-established team of setters: Viktor Pařízek, Vilda Chejn, Olin Klapal and Tomáš Doubravský. All categories will race in twenty-foot, overhanging profiles. So the journeys will be long enough and I believe that they will all get well on them. I can tell you that the roads will be built in the following sectors: Speed, BigWall and the Right Tower of the Headquarters. The remaining sectors and the boulder will be used to unravel the event.

More information in the announcement on the website of CHS in the list of events, see link: http://www.horosvaz.cz/soutezni-lezeni/prehled-zavodu-cr-2014/

Here you can also register online. You will facilitate the organization of the race and you get a discount on the entry fee.

Spectators are admitted free.


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