Hudy Big Wall Open 2016

Bouldering races and sport climbing difficulty for the general public.

For the third year of this race, we have made some significant changes. We hope you will welcome these changes and arrive in abundant numbers.

On Saturday 20.2. there will be a race in adult bouldering and at the same time on the wall with the rope of the children in climbing to the difficulty. On Sunday 21.2. to discipline, ie. on the boulders will race children and on the wall with a rope of adults. In addition, the two-day race of adults will be combined. The schedule of individual races is broken down on our website. We take off the entire boulder and the entire back of the wall with the rope (16 line) and climb on the new boulders and roads. We hope you enjoy climbing.

Basic information:

• Date: Saturday 20.2. - Sunday 21.2. 2016
• Venue: BigWall climbing wall, arrival from Lisboa Street, Prague 9 - Vysočany + link to map
• 4 races during 2 days
Saturday - Race in bouldering adults, race in climbing to difficulty kids
• Sunday - race in climbing to adult difficulty, race in bouldering kids
• adjustment - William Chejn, Viktor Pařízek Petr Andrla
• Main competition ELITE category will be a combination of both races (bouldering + lead climbing)

Login to race

Login held financially preferential online pre-registrations using the login form on the website Big Wall.

A pre-registration condition will be the deposit of the deposit in the amount of the preferential entry fee to the account or directly at the BW reception in the amount of 200 CZK adults or 100 CZK children. On signing up for both competition days, the starting fee is 300 CZK for adults and 150 CZK for children. Entry fee without prior registration will be 300 CZK for adults and 200 CZK for children, for both days 450 CZK for adults and 300 CZK for children.
Online pre-registration entry fees will be advantaged work Tuesday 16. February 2016 including.


Registration will be possible in the following age categories:

Children: U10Max. 9 years U12: 10-11let, U14: 12-13let, U16: 14-15 years
Adults: ELITE: 16-49 years LEGENDS: Over 50 years
For a better overview of children, we publish an age table.

Age categories of sex
year 2007 and less (max 9 years) U10 girls boys
Years 2006 and 2005 (10 - 11 Years) U12 Girls Boys
years 2004 - 2003 (12 - 13 years) U14 girls boys
years 2002 - 2001 (14 - 15 years) U16 girls boys

The winners will receive vouchers and prizes from our sponsors TR-Walls, Baterca, Ocun, Aix, Pexoes and, of course, Hudy.
During the race you can buy in our store. We have prepared new products from Baterca, climbing shoes and other Ocun products, as well as holdings and TR-walls.

You are waiting for testing of new Oxi climbers from the Ocun brand throughout the weekend, and if you happen to have a good night out at the bar, a proven goulash or vegetable salad :-)

Rather than as the race itself, we see BigWall open as fun and the opportunity to meet friends and spend the weekend together before we meet again on the rocks.
We look forward to you all ...

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