Hudy Big Wall Open 2016

Bouldering races and sport climbing difficulty for the general public. For the third year of this race, we have made some significant changes. We hope you will welcome these changes and arrive in abundant numbers. On Saturday 20.2. there will be a race in adult bouldering and at the same time on the wall with the rope of the children in climbing to the difficulty. On Sunday 21.2. to discipline, ie. on the boulders will race kids and [...]


Polish Championship in lead climbing

5.12.2015 held in Tarnogaj climbing center in Wroclaw, Poland Junior Championship U21 and seniors in climbing difficulty. For the Polish stand toe paths duo of outstanding setters: double World Champion Tomas Mrazek and certified IFSC pinsetter Adam Pustelnik. The organization of the race will take care TARNOGAJ experienced team, which boasts a number of successful events of the Polish [...]


TR-walls in Friedrichshafen

In recent years, we've worked hard to improve the quality of our walls, and so we have decided to present the results of our work at the OUTDOOR exhibition in Friedrichshafen. It is true that our stand was more modest compared to the big manufacturers, but we were seen and judged by the quality of our work. In addition, we have verified that compared to the renowned [...]


Youth Championship in lead climbing 2014

We invite all young racers to open youth championship for the year 2014, which will 4.10. 2014 on Big Wall climbing wall in Prague Vysocany. The race is part of a series of races Tendon CP, so the game will not only championship titles, but also points in the overall standings CP. Paths to build a proven team of setters composed Viktor Pařízek, Vilda Chejn, Olin [...]


Our support races in 2014

Apart from the support of individual competitors, we support climbing competitions similarly to the past years. This year, for example, we have supported BigWall open 2014 - adult climbing race, Svitavy youth and adult climbing - difficulty climbing and BigBoulder open 2014 - a bouldering event. In September, we are planning to support junior MČR in climbing for difficulty. More information about the BigWall race [...]


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Prague 9 - Vysočany - Progress

The new wall in Vysocany - Big Wall. Building walls Big Wall Vysocany progressing. After completion of the first phase of construction, which included the construction of fiberglass towers and walls around the perimeter of the hall, our company continues to build Bouldering even this stage is slowly coming to an end. Detailed information on how construction took place in individual months, can be found at [...]


Prague 9 - Vysočany

All fans of sport climbing bring "hot" news: In cooperation with the HUDY sport puts our company new climbing complex in Prague 9 - Vysocany. Currently, work is underway. During the construction of the walls we use the latest technologies and materials. The construction progress, we will keep you informed.



In the days 26. - 27.5. will take place at the impressive outdoor wall in Imst, Austria YCCF (Youth Color Climbing Festival), during which riders will climb on our grips of a series Organic. Already signed are participants from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Slovenia and England. From the Czech Republic at the race Verča Peltrámová, [...]


Center wspinaczkowe Tarnogaj - Wroclaw

Tarnogaj - the largest climbing center in Poland was opened in Wroclaw in December 2011, the former factory buildings in the same district .. Centrum HERE - Panorama Further information here


Czech Cup in difficulty climbing

5.11. Climbing takes place in the heart of Sand another round of Czech Cup in difficulty climbing. Competitors face off to grips Organic range, supplied by our company as a partner of the race. Further information here


Lokal Blok Monsters - Czech Championship in bouldering

3.9. 2011 within Joyride festival held another round of Lokal Blok Monsters race, which this year is also the Czech Championship in bouldering. On the part of the plant, which will be held on the premises of the Branicki ledáren, we have provided our racing profiles. For more information and podorobný schedule can be found here.


HUDY Czech Youth Cup, 24.9. 2011

24.9. held in Brno on tomatoes, HUDY Czech Youth Cup in difficulty climbing, where TR-walls Ltd. - partner event - devoted catches.


Bouldrovka in Imst

Since 26.7. in 3.8. We built a new bouldering wall in the world-famous climbing center in Imst. The latest information and photos can be found here.

It is not without partners, photo Tomas Rakovič

MCR and MSR 2011

Championship of the Czech and Slovak Republics 2011 in climbing to the difficulty with the eyes of the Czech and Slovak Republic Championship 2011 in climbing to difficulty we can uncheck. After long 18 years, there was again a chance to compare the performance of Czech and Slovak competitors and competitors in one race. A total of 26 men of 14 women were registered on Saturday. With regard to it regarding to it, […]


Climbing Center Sand

4.6. It was inaugurated a new face in the sand - Climbing Center Sand, whose contractor was the company TR-walls Ltd. The wall is unique in its share laminated panels imitating limestone rock and sanded plywood. Of the total area of ​​the climbing area 1500m2 form a laminate panels about 900m2.