Big Wall Prague - Vysočany

Big Wall Climbing Wall - Prague Vysocany wall, built using the latest technologies. Its parameters in the Czech Republic does not have competition. Already when entering the wall will amaze you with two massive to 10 m overhanging pillars, ending below the ceiling at a height equal 20 m. In addition to the hanging wall profiles offer many interesting vertical and inclined profiles. Naturally the laminate massive [...]


Bouldering - Erlangen

In the summer we built a new bouldering center in a former garage in Erlangen, Germany. All the boards used for this project have been formatted CNC technology. More information about this can be found at the climbing center www.blockhelden.de parameters walls Maximum height of the wall 4 m Width m Maximum wall 200 3 m overhanging wall area 930 m2 supporting construction [...]


Magical playhouse

In the summer 2012 implemented by our company original order. It is a building which consists of a house located in a tree, footbridges, chutes, ladders, climbing nets, swings and a simple hut placed on the ground. When realizing were only used materials that maximum blend with the natural environment and it does so in the area of ​​private gardens disturbing impression. [...]


Bouldering - Masaryk University in Brno

A series boulderovek realized our company was added in July 2012 bouldering wall in Brno Masaryk University campus. Area climbing wall here is 115 m2. Its interesting diversity, a wide range of profiles and, ultimately, modern colors will surely attract many climbers. Technical specifications Option I: The supporting structure of the walls will be made from wooden beams 100 100 × [...]


Bouldrovka Imst

Bouldrovka was built from 26.7. in 2.8. 2011, its total area, including přepláštěného old profile is 100m2 height 4. At the customer used a special pusher nut secured by two screws. Impact area supplied and installed the company JIPAST. Parameters walls Maximum height of the wall 4 m Width m Maximum wall overhanging m 1,15 100 m2 wall area [...]


Climbing Center Sand

The construction of the wall, which is located in a former warehouse in the campus Jitex, 2010 started in December and lasted until May 2011. It will soon be supplemented by a bouldrovka. The services include a large bar on the first floor allowing views directly to the wall and playground. The wall was designed for climbing to the general public, and organizing [...]


Bouldering Zizkov

Home bouldering wall in the atrium of a luxurious private apartment. Bouldering construction took place in a fully furnished apartment. Mattresses are made precisely tailored to the size of the atrium, with a tolerance 1cm. The wall is planted with catches of a completely new range of Organic. Bouldering color and mattresses by selecting the architect of the RAL color chart. Wall meets EN 12572. The maximum parameters of the wall [...]


Center wspinaczkowe Tarnogaj - Wroclaw

Center wspinaczkowe Tarnogaj - Wroclaw largest climbing center in Poland was opened in Wroclaw in December 2011, the former factory buildings in the same district. On 1100 m2 Visitors will find a wide range of profiles from climbing vertical walls for beginners to training overhang for performance lezce.Uprostřed is "sandstone tower" of laminate panels, also supplied [...]


Tower 1B + 40 - Prague 4

Freestanding laminate wall for playgrounds, type TR-Tower. Designed for children 6-14 years. The wall is fitted with climbing holds TR-walls around the wall there is a security zone. The surface of the safety area laundered river gravel fraction 8 - 10 mm. Thickness of layers - 40 cm. Wall meets EN 1176: 2000. Parameters walls Maximum height of the wall [...]


Climbing Center Stage III SmíchOFF

Commercially operated wall, designed not only for general climbing public, but also for the training of top climbers (taking place here, for example, the concentration of the Czech national team). On the wall you will find all of the profiles inclined to sports profiles. Wall meets the demanding requirements for hosting World Cup races. In Stage III., Completion climbing center SmíchOFF we used the largest laminate [...]


throne 2

Compact freestanding tower, with richly profiled surface. The prospect of a railing of acacia. Designed for children 6-14 years. Around the walls must be placed in the safety zone. The surface of the safety area: gravel to grain 2 8 mm without dust and clay particles, or other surface in accordance with EN 1177: 1997. Wall meets EN [...]


Rope Centre Gutovka

Rope center built in a leisure complex Gutovka in Prague Strašnice. Is designed for children from 7 years with regard to occasional use by adults. In total 19 barriers in length 130 m. To ensure a continuous belay system used Speedrunner, because it is entirely ruled out the possibility of "shutdown" from the belay rope. Client at the beginning of the line "moves" [...]


Bouldering Vyškov

Home bouldering wall in the attic of a family villa. Wall meets EN 12572. Parameters walls Maximum height of the wall 3 m width walls 5 m Maximum overhanging 0-2 m area walls 23 m2 Number of profiles Substructure Wooden beams 10 × 10 cm Cladding Sand blasted plywood 18 mm (32 hammer nuts on m2) Other facts Duration of 5 days [ ...]