We visited Dresden after the Sachsische Meisterschaft to set new routes. It was quite hard work during the nights. We set 32 routes between 5 - 7c +.


October 2015 - again in Waldkraiburg

In the beginning of October, we were once again inviting for the first regular resetting routes and boulders in the Waldkraiburg climbing center. We set 22 routes and around 90 boulders and it was really nice work in a very friendly atmosphere.


Austria again

On Monday and Tuesday we were in Mühldorf in Austria. Vilda and Olda set together 20 routes from rope between 5 to 6c and 20 boulders up to 7B.


Czech Championship in Bouldering - Round 4

The round 4 of the Czech Champinship in Bouldering was held in Teplice and Vilda snake the honor to participate in it as the main routesetter together with Viktor Pařízek and Tomas Doubravský. The round 4 Takes place in the park as part of the climbing festival, so there is always a great atmosphere. Beautiful [...]


Judenburg - Austria

After one year, we have Twice Visited the wall in Judenburg (Austria) in August 2015, for a total of 6 days.

Dresden, Dresden!

We have Also Visited (again) the climbing center in Dresden, Where we've built around 20 new routes Between 6c - 7c +. Photo is missing this time, sorry


Here comes the summer - Pardubice and Jablonec

At The Beginning of the summer We Were Invited to a newly opened climbing center in Pardubice, Where We made 36 routes with ropes (up to the 9-) and 20 boulders. We have been Also Invited to Makak arena in Jablonec, Where we have created about 20 new routes.

bb-construction site

And Big Wall again!

Throughtout the year we participate 2 month in the reconstruction of boulder problems at the Big Wall Climbing Wall, Where We Are Asked to always built approx. 50 boulders. Also Regularly We are building new climbing routes at the Big Wall Climbing Centre, every time we come we change around 20 routes. Once in 2 [...]


Again in Waldkraiburg in May 2015

Building process of the climbing center in Waldkraiburg finally got into the final stage, with That we have, together with Viktor Pařízek, come to fill the outside wall with climbing Approximately 60 new routes. Hope you guys in Waldkraiburg will enjoy it!


Routesetting in Prague - Czech Bouldering Championship

Vilda has built the third round, along with Olin, and it was an excellent cooperation ... as always. Mens final round was somewhat harder to climb, but from our perspective, it was great for the boys to fight till the end.


Again in Waldkraiburg

A new climbing center is built in Waldkraiburg so we have been invited (Vilda, Olin and Viktor Pařízek) to set more then 100 routes.