About us

TR Climbing Society was founded in 1996 as one of the first companies of its kind in the Czech Republic and over time became the largest producer of climbing walls in the Czech Republic. In 2008 the company was transformed into society TR-walls spol. s ro.

We offer not only our twenty years of experience in designing and building climbing walls, but we also have experience with their operation. We participate in the operation of climbing centers Tarnogaj Wroclaw built in 2011 and Big Wall Praha - the largest climbing center in Central Europe, opened in 2013. Because we know the walls from the user's perspective and use the lessons learned in the design of new projects.

Our team of experts built a long-term perspective guarantees the highest possible quality of our products. Between our designers can find an active climber, construction authorized propose structural engineers, a large proportion of workers in manufacturing worked in the company since its beginnings, and of course we must not forget the group of experienced fitters, which consists of qualified carpenters and joiners.

We are constantly working to develop new materials and their processing technology. One example is the system of our laminate panels TR-compact, highly durable surface plywood TR-friction II and many other improvements. We always put great emphasis on perfect handling all the details on the wall. This helps us among other things, the use of CNC technology. Of course there is the safety of our structure, which stems from strict compliance with the standards. Especially EN 12572.

Although we have during our existence we developed several one thousand meters2 climbing walls, for us, every new event a great challenge and we always strive to offer our customers individual solutions.

Tomas Rakovič

company owner