Climbing wall Olympia Brno

This climbing wall is incorporated into a unique project the green zone Olympia shopping complex. At present it is the largest outdoor climbing wall, realized in Central Europe.

Our company acted as a supplier of a climbing wall, for the general contractor of the Expansion II project, Bovis Lend Lease as The design and preparatory work lasted approx. 6 months, the actual implementation of the work took place from April 2009, until September 15, when the work was successfully completed and handed over to the investor.

The task of the project was to build an architecturally unique building, representative of the investor, meeting the criteria for sport and recreational climbing. From the point of view of its location in the exterior and the requirement of the assignment to design an "artificial rock", the technology of steel construction and concrete shotcrete spraying was chosen. Our company based this project on experience with a similar construction, implemented in 2005 in Prague Strašnice.

The wall consists of five parts, different height levels with different inclinations profiles. The wall is designed for the general public, with regard to the possibility of organizing competitions in sport climbing.

The shape of the wall is based on a computer model, which, among other things, necessary to detail static calculations. This structure consists of steel I profiles with different dimensions. The actual area for climbing consists of gunite concrete, sprayed with special technology to the substructure.

Wall meets EN 12572.

parameters of the wall
Maximum height of the wall 18 m
The width of the wall 106 m
maximum overhanging 5 m
wall surface 1450 m2
Number of trips
Supporting structure
welded steel construction. rolled I profiles
gunite concrete
Other data
construction time 7 months
project preparation
exposure 2009


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