Boulderovka - Masaryk University Brno

A series boulderovek realized our company was added in July 2012 bouldering wall in Brno Masaryk University campus. Area climbing wall here is 115 m2. Its interesting diversity, a wide range of profiles and, ultimately, modern colors will surely attract many climbers.

Technical specifications Option I:
The load-bearing structure of the walls will be made of wooden prisms 100 × 100 mm. Anchoring to the load-bearing parts of the building using chemical anchors. Sheathing with plywood 18 mm thick. Number of holes for fixing grips per 1 m2 - 36 pcs. Surface treatment of sandblasting in epoxy varnish. Reliefs will be milled on the surface of the boards. Shade of the final coating according to RAL.

parameters of the wall
Maximum height of the wall 4 m
The width of the wall 15 m
maximum overhanging 2,5 m
wall surface 115 m2
Supporting structure
Wooden trámy10x10 cm
Sanded plywood 18 mm, striking nuts with a screw on 12 - 36 pcs
Other data
construction time 9.7.2012-22.7.2013
project preparation 1 month
exposure 2012
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