BigWall Prague - Vysočany

Climbing wall BigWall - Prague Vysočany

A wall built using the latest technology. Its parameters have no competition in the Czech Republic. As soon as you enter the wall, you will be amazed by two massive, up to 10 m overhanging pillars, which end under the ceiling at a height of 20 m. In addition to overhanging profiles, the wall offers many interesting vertical and inclined profiles. Of course, there is a laminate solid wood panels TR - compact and imitation stalactites of the same material. There are also chimney climbing or joints on the wall.

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parameters of the wall
Maximum height of the wall 20 m
The width of the wall  m
maximum overhanging 10 m
wall surface 2700 m2
Number of profiles 120
Supporting structure
Combination of wooden and steel structures
Birch plywood 18 mm, with TRF II surface, impact nuts 32pcs / m2 Laminate panels TR - compact
Other data
construction time 1.11.2012 - 29.8.2013
project preparation 6 months
exposure 2013


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