Big Wall bouldering wall

Big Wall bouldering wall - Prague Vysočany

Undoubtedly the most modern boulder in Prague. It's not only for the top climbers but also for the beginners, thanks to many tilted profiles. A great advantage is its location in the open space, allowing us to create elevations that give the interior bouldering a new dimension.

virtual prohídka here:

parameters of the wall
Maximum height of the wall 4,5 m
The width of the wall 55 m
maximum overhanging 3 m
wall surface 300 m2
Supporting structure
Wooden beams 10 10 × cm trusses
Birch plywood 20 mm, a surface TRF II, pusher nut screw on 1m2
Other data
construction time 1.11.2012 – 29.8.2013
project preparation 5 months
exposure 2013
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