Block 4 40 + - Caucasian, Prague 10

Freestanding laminate wall for playgrounds, type TR-Block.

Designed for children 6-14 years.

The wall is fitted with climbing holds TR-walls

Around the wall is placed a safety zone. The surface of the safety area laundered river gravel fraction 8 - 10 mm. Thickness of layers - 40 cm.

The wall complies with CSN EN 1176: 2000.

parameters of the wall
Maximum height of the wall 3 m
Base 5,6 1,6 x m
Safety Zone (plan) 10,6 6,6 x m
Supporting structure
The wall is assembled from prefabricated parts, TR Compact System
Cladding panels consists of a polyester composite.
Other data
Production 3 weeks
Construction 1 day
exposure 2014
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