Climbing walls

With many years of experience and a wide range of materials used, we can design, produce and install a wall in any environment and for any application. We offer both standard-produced segments, as well as walls made to order exactly according to customer requirements.

Supporting structure | Cladding
Protection walls

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We introduce nearly 50 different climbing walls designed for public spaces. All these are stewing certified according to EN 1176-1: 2009. Thanks certificates you can be sure that our walls meet safety and hygiene regulations.

Reference | Product TR playgrounds

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Production holds and structures

Our offer consists holds several rows of climbing holds intended for the general public, and performance climbers. The individual rows are unique in their shape and function.


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Training polygons and rope centers

We also realized a number of polygons for training work at height, fire walls for sport and rope courses.


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<font><font>Wall Revision</font></font>

As manufacturers of climbing walls, we offer the possibility of regular annual revision. Revision consists mainly of checking: sheathing, structure, anchoring, belaying points progressive, reversible points, grips and other parts of the wall.

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<font><font>Route Setting</font></font>

We are pleased that we can offer services setters who are in our country belong to the absolute elite. For example, participate in the construction of roads in the biggest Big Wall climbing center, and some have experience as well as the construction of racing routes.

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