Climbing has recently become increasingly popular. The joy of overcoming obstacles of overcoming your fears and versatile movement in nature attract more and more people interested in the sport. Pronoun for children is climbing natural movement that famously fun way to develop their motor skills. For adults, thanks to the versatility of movement excellent physical activity as well as entertainment.

We present almost fifty different climbing walls designed for public spaces. All of these walls are certified according to CSN EN 1176-1: 2009. Thanks to the certificate, you are confident that our walls comply with safety and hygiene regulations.

Production walls in public spaces have been engaged for more than ten years. Accumulated experience, we used to construct walls that you have presented. When designing our walls, we put great emphasis on: safety, aesthetics, climbing use, durability of materials and easy installation.

The result is a comprehensive series of four climbing walls TR Tower, TR Block, Wall TR, TR Freeform.