Climbing walls

Climbing walls manufacture and assemble since 1996. During this time, we built artificial climbing walls, bouldering walls and walls for playgrounds in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Artificial walls made by our company are largely used in sports facilities and school facilities. A substantial part of our production, however, also consists of trainers and walls designed for the training of the army and members of the fire and rescue corps. At the same time, we produce our own climbing clutches and we supply a variety of useful accessories to climbing walls, such as: safety eyes, chains to the TOP, expresses, carabiners, maillons, seating, climbers, ropes, alveoli, magnesium,

Thanks to these many years of experience and a wide range of materials we can design, manufacture and install walls in any environment and for any use. We offer both standardly produced segments and custom made walls exactly according to the customer's wishes.
The actual construction of the wall takes place in four steps:
Consultations and screenings

If you are interested in our services, we will visit you and consult with your ideas (all consultations are free of charge). Based on your requirements, we will propose an optimal solution for you, or we can do it 3D model your future climbing wall. Thereafter, drawing up the implementation dossier and drawing up a static report, including the necessary calculations. When designing, we follow the applicable standards, in particular ČSN EN 12572.
Price calculation

After specifying the shape and technical solution of the wall, we can proceed to the calculation of the exact price. Determining the exact price depends on many factors (used materials, wall height, placement of the outdoor - indoor wall, perpendicularity, distance, etc.).

Wall construction always takes place in these successive steps

Vizualizace1 Vizualizace2 Vizualizace3

  • Consideration of the basic vision and client focus area
  • Making 3D model wall
  • Developing indicative pricing
  • Detailed design and structural assessment
  • Prefabrication in our production facilities
  • Construction
  • Handover documentation: drawings of the actual state inspection reports, certificates, manuals etc.
  • The possibility of building roads
  • Possibility of regular annual inspections in accordance with EN 12572

The actual construction and installation of climbing walls subsequently performed in the shortest possible time. Given that the various parts of our walls are largely prepared in advance in the factory building, own assembly time on site is reduced to a minimum. For example, a climbing wall mounting dimensions x 8 8 meters requires approximately 3 5 days to work with the customer.


After installation, followed by the handover. Along with the new wall customer also receives a corresponding handover documentation. This documentation includes: drawing part, static report, declaration of conformity, inspection reports, instructions for use and recommended operating procedure. If necessary, we also training personnel responsible for the operation of the wall.

On the walls made by us are guaranteed min. 24 months.