Protection walls - Because even the most durable surface lasts frequent gusts steel carabiners, or friction from the rope, we have developed several variants of the protection wall. The purpose of these amendments is to keep the wall as long as possible without the need for repairs.


Edge protection strip steel strips - economic and functional variant. Not suitable for exterior walls


Edge protection strip stainless Bars - Stainless steel rails perfectly protect your wall without the need for any maintenance - also suitable for outdoor use.


Edge protection strips stainless steel half-round profile - Luxury variant edge protection. Beautiful detail, emphasizing the perfect treatment for your wall. Of course suitable for outdoor use.


Shock absorber carabiners - When clicking on the expressions and especially when pulling the rope, the heavy steel carbines hit the wall casing. This not only causes unpleasant noise on the wall, but also damages the wall surface. That's why we've developed our unique carbine shock absorber. The base of this wall protection is a frame with TR-friction II. Of course, there is a choice of color. A damping rubber insert is inserted into the frame. Installation on the wall is very simple. Only using screws.


Baseboards - We noticed that wiping the floor beneath the wall often causes the bottom of the wall to become dirty. We therefore offer the possibility of walling. We produce waterproof plywood strips. These rails have a shiny coat that can have the same shade as the wall. The strips are 5 cm high and have a facet on their top edge.