We know that the quality holds and their diversity is essential to the successful operation of your walls. Therefore, we offer our wide variety of grips in different designs and constantly develop new shapes. For your greater safety are our fixtures fitted Antiexplosion system. The catch is integrated steel spring, which in the case of breaking the hold prevents debris fall to the ground holds.

Our favorite favorites are the ranks of the series Organic. It is a series that counts over 200 of different shapes in a unified design. In addition to making roads that look like a better design, it makes it easier for climbers and guides to climb colors.

Our specialty is our range Natural, which are faithful copies of rock catches.

SampleChytRadyAOur novelties are the A series. They are characterized by precision processing, safety and interesting shapes.

Pattern StartChytDescribing the paths on the wall is a problem that most operators deal with different signs. These are easy to destroy and do not look nice, so we come up with the original solution. We've developed a hold with a hole that includes a path description card. The card is covered with polycarbonate plexiglass of 3 mm thickness. Changing the path description is very simple. Just remove the hold and add a new description from the back. The starting catches are produced in a wide range of color shades. They can thus be part of each color-coded path.

However, if your offer is not enough, we will be happy to give you some other reputable manufacturers such as: AIX, Samsara, Lapis, Bleustone etc.


Structures are made of plywood boards. This makes it easy to install small beams using screws. They are standard fitted with mounting nuts to secure the catch and TR friction II.

  • Simple triangular structures are a welcome diversification of any wall or boulder.
    Structures are available in three sizes.
  • Complex half-shell structures are primarily designed for boulders, but they can also be found on larger climbing walls where large, dull surfaces are needed. These structures are a great choice for those who want to provide their customers with something new.